The meat is processed at a local USDA certified processing facility. Processing the meat locally reduces travel time and stress on animals which results in higher quality meat. After processing, the meat is packaged, frozen and delivered directly to local businesses.



“Superior Angus, LLC is one of the first beef farms in Delta County to get verified through MAEAP. The Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program (MAEAP) is an innovative, proactive program that helps farms, of all sizes and all commodities voluntarily minimize agricultural pollution risks. MAEAP provided the Gustafson’s a confidential review of their farmstead, cropping, and livestock systems to ensure the farm is conforming to applicable laws and regulations. By Superior Angus going through MAEAP verification, they are showing their neighbors, our community, and those passing by their farm that they are taking care of the land, water, and the environmental for not only their future but for ours as well.”
– Holly Wendrick, MAEAP Technician, Delta Conservation District

“We have so many customers who appreciate us using Superior Angus beef, but it’s the customers who didn’t have a preference for buying local who truly let us know how great it is – when they tell us that the burger we served was the best one they ever had.”
-Amy Manning, General Manager, Superior Entertainment